John interviews author Brad Meltzer on his new kids book in the Ordinary People Change the World Series: “I am Ruth Bader Ginsburg”. Then, he interviews London-based psychotherapist Dr. Annie Zimmerman on her new book “Your Pocket Therapist: Break Free from Old Patterns and Transform Your Life”. Next he brings back Simon Moya-Smith and Julie Francella for their Native Voices segment. They discuss a Native American Detox Center in Maine that is open to all people and a school in Pennsylvania that is resurrecting a racist mascot. They take a call from Marie in Atlanta on owls in Native American lore and Kuamel from California on the oppression of indigenous people. John talks about The Winnebago tribe suing the U.S. Army over its alleged refusal to return the remains of two of the tribe’s children who died at a boarding school. Then lastly, they chat with Lance in New Orleans on allowing abortions on reservations and Sal in New Mexico on speaking at his school to teach children about Native American culture and history.