Max Burns filling in one more time for John on his long extended vacation. He discusses Vivek Ramaswamy’s rhetoric as he ramps up his presidential bid. He talks with Steven in Kentucky on Vivek and gun safety legislation and Norm in Tampa on Ramaswamy and slavery. Then, he speaks with Parker Molloy who is the writer and author of The Present Age, a newsletter about communication in a hyperconnected world. Between 2018 and 2021, Parker was editor-at-large at Media Matters for America, writing about the role right-wing media played in the rise of Donald Trump and the creation of alternate perceived realities. They talk about the life and death challenges facing transgender Americans. Next, he talks with Mike in Michigan on Trump’s indictments and he plays a clip of Vivek on TV telling what he would have done on January 6th. Then, he talks with Brian in Oregon on how to fight gerrymandering and Bill in New Jersey on the lunacy of Ramaswamy. And then finally he discusses the freezing up of Mitch McConnell.