John’s monologue this time is about Trump’s hearing in a Washington DC federal appeals court over his claim that he has absolute immunity against being prosecuted for his crimes on and around January 6th. He plays clips of the judges questions and the defense attorneys’ arguments. Then, John welcomes back Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner – an author, speaker, radio host, co-founder and the executive director/CEO of They talk about getting out the vote, the amazing progress of Biden, and the fight for paid family medical leave. Next, he interviews comedian Ronnie Marmo, about his great one man play “I Am Not A Comedian, I Am Lenny Bruce”. Then rounding it out, he chats with Comedy Daddy – Keith Price about Trump’s many trials. They talk with the evil army of the night including: Dave from Pittsburgh, Pit Doc in Ohio, Brian in Oregon, and Beachside Bill in Florida.