The monologue today discusses the many breaking news stories including – the continued disarray in the House choosing a speaker; Michael Cohen testifying in front of Trump in the hush money case in Manhattan; and the flipping of other Trump lawyers in the Georgia RICO case. Also, the new reports of former chief of staff Mark Meadows getting an immunity deal for his testimony. Then, he talks with Reverend Barry Lynn about the humanitarian violations in the Israel – Hamas War; Trump’s continuing racist Muslim ban promises; and big pharma corruption with the new paxlovid coronavirus pills hitting the market soon at inflated prices. Next, the Rude Pundit AKA Lee Papa returns to chat about the news. They take a call from Steven in Kentucky on Trump’s voter suppression. And lastly, John welcomes back writer, comedian, and podcast host Keith Price to speak about the cult of MAGA. They take calls from Petch from California on divisiveness – Paul in New Jersey on the widening of the war and Tim in Chicago on extremist religious factions.