John’s still broadcasting from Los Angeles. He discusses the nonsensical digs Trump has been saying about Nikki Haley and the desperate attempt of Haley to say nothing because she wants to be his running mate. He is then joined by comedian Natalia Reagan and they chat about abortion bans. They take a call from Sean in California on gun reform and Nikki Haley’s denial of racism. Next, he welcomes comedians Graham Elwood and Mona Shaikh to the fun for his Hollywood Panel. The four of them joke about Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, and Obamacare. Jay in North Carolina calls in to trash Nikki Haley and Mark in South Dakota calls in to talk on the Joel Osteen scandal. And wrapping it up – they rip on Matt Gaetz’s racist comments. Plus Stephen from Kentucky calls in on what will happen in the 2024 election.