In today’s monologue – John discusses the hypocrisy of Republicans who claim to be Christians: women being forced to carry their rapist’s baby, the slaughtering of migrants with razor wire, and new crueler ways to murder people who are on death row. Then, he chats with the incredible Bob Cesca on Trump’s slight win in the New Hampshire primary, the need for Biden to promote his accomplishments, and the Oscar nominations for 2024. Next, John interviews activist Julie Burkhart who is founder and executive director of the Trust Women PAC. They talk about abortion laws, women’s rights, and the future of women’s health care. Then, winding it up, he welcomes back The God Squad: Pastor Keith Giles, former Pastor Desimber Rose Wattleton, and theologian Dillon Cruz to discuss religious persecution of clergy helping the homeless, the ever increasing abortion laws, and the fight for a cease-fire in Gaza.