John discusses the GOP’s attack on transgender people and specifically Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has signed bills banning children from undergoing transgender medical treatments. More than 500 bills affecting LGBTQ matters have been proposed across the country and at least 48 have been enacted, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Then he talks politics with Bob Cesca. Topics this week: rumors that Fox News host Laura Ingraham is fired – the Rudy Giuliani sex scandal lawsuit – the GOP’s hype of the Durham Report – and Elon Musk’s weird relationship with Turkey. Next, Frank in Georgia and Sean in Cali call in to talk about the news. And winding it up – John interviews American venture capitalist, podcast host, and journalist Molly Wood. They discuss her new podcast “Everybody in the Pool” which features inspiring interviews with the founders of climate tech startups, businesses, and everyday people who are solving the climate crisis.