John’s monologue today features the top news headlines and he discusses the upcoming GOP presidential debates. He then runs down the top questions he would ask if he was moderator of the debates. He also gives up his big winner of the week for “Fake Christian Friday” – Pastor Greg Locke and takes a call from Debbie in North Carolina about corruption in her state. Then, he interviews activist, educator, and movement builder Kim Samuel about her new book “On Belonging: Finding Connection in an Age of Isolation”. Next, John welcomes his latest Hollywood Comedy Panel: Mona Shaikh, Sarah Halstead, and Rich Chassler. They discuss Hurricane Hilary, the Republican presidential debates, and Donald Trump’s many problems. They chat with Stephen in Kentucky and Rachel in L.A. Then to close it up they talk about the Maui fire, the demise of Twitter, and the SAG strike. Then they play “The Unpopular Opinion Game”.