Broadcasting from Los Angeles once again, the topic of discussion today is President Biden’s trip to Tel Aviv to show support for Israel and offer financial aid to the Palestinian people in the Israel – Hamas War. John also ponders the confusion over who bombed the Ali-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza. Then, he chats with podcast host Bob Cesca on the failure of the House to choose a speaker, the SCOTUS siding with Biden over ghost gun sales, and Donald Trump’s latest gag order. Next, he welcomes back comedians Renee Percy and Felicia Michaels. They talk about having kids, the war in Israel, and the difficulties of being a female comedian. Then, they take a call from Toby in California on the optics of our involvement in the Israel – Hamas War and Brian in Oregon on the victims in Gaza and Ukraine. And closing it up, John plays “The Unpopular Opinion Game.” with the ladies.