The monologue this time has a theme about the hypocrisy of the GOP. First, John discusses the House approving another stopgap bill to fund the government through March and thereby averting yet another partial government shutdown. Second story is the D.O.J.’s new report which shows “cascading failures” on the police response to the mass shooting in Uvalde Texas. And third, Texas National Guard Troops are taking heat after they refused to help a woman and her two children from drowning. Texas governor Greg Abbott is still defying federal orders and he’s now blocking Border Patrol agents from certain areas along the border. Then once again, John interviews author, activist, and presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. They chat about her proposal for Universal Basic Income which is a social welfare program in which all citizens of a given population – regularly receive a minimum income. They also discuss Paid Family Leave, immigration, and the Israel – Hamas War. Next, he takes a call from Sam in Tennessee on Marianne Williamson and from Mark in Maryland on Nikki Haley. And he then welcomes back the popular indigenous voices segment with Simon Moya-Smith and Julie Francella. This time they discuss the movie “Killers of the Flower Moon”, the GOP’s attempt to dilute the separation of church and state, and the blatant racism against indigenous people by Trump and other Republican leaders. Then lastly, John takes calls from Dillion in New Mexico on the moneys the tribes make and Mitch in Kent State on the history of the Indian Relocation Act.

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