[Explicit Content] Our complete recap of the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s exclusive profile of five special grand jurors from Fulton County. “It’s gonna be massive. It’s gonna be massive.” Trump Media and Troth Senchul under federal investigation for Russian money laundering. Don Junior allegedly approved the first transfer of cash from an off-shore bank account. More about Daylight Saving Time and all the clock touching. We’re awaiting a decision from a Texas judge about abortion pills. Fox News lied about Silicon Valley Bank and BLM. Fox News viewers trust the network less after Dominion revelations. Marjorie Taylor Greene lied about a bomb at the border. Good news on the California water situation. With Jody Hamilton, David Ferguson, music by KingCyborg, Jim Wurster, and more!

Five special grand jurors in Fulton County speak out. Trump Media accused of Russian money laundering. And more!