[Explicit Content] TRex is back! Kimberley Johnson sits in for Jody. The Trump crucifix ornament. The Mark Meadows PowerPoint detailing the White House strategy for January 6. A progress report from Liz Cheney. Public hearings and pleading the Fifth. Letitia James will depose Trump in January. Joe Biden is the Jobs President. Democrats Deliver. Mitch McConnell links Biden to the economy. Jim Cramer says the economy is booming. Turtles and Crocs. Josh Duggar guilty of possessing child porn. Tucker says COVID feminizes people. With Christmas music by Bob Malone and The Farleys, and more!

Bob, TRex, and Kimberley discuss Trump’s insurrection plot, the 1/6 committee, the economic boom, the Duggars, and more!