[Explicit Content] Exclusive “tape” of an Eric Trump phone call subpoenaed by the 1/6 committee (not really). Eric took the 5th on 500 questions. Letitia James ramps up her pursuit of the Trump Organization’s corruption and fraud. Fulton County, GA, district attorney asks to empanel a grand jury to investigate Trump’s election theft. Republicans block voting rights and filibuster reform. Mitch McConnell racist blurt about African-Americans. The Supreme Court sticks it to Trump. Trump’s secret pillow fort meetings. Bennie Thompson looking at Ivanka Trump. You might be done with COVID but COVID isn’t done with you. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson, and music by Callex and JRo and the Master of One, and more!


Bob, Jody, and TRex discuss Eric Trump, Letitia James, voting rights, the Supreme Court, COVID, and more!