John’s monologue this time is about Trump’s directive to kill a border, immigration, and Ukraine aid bill to help his presidential campaign and make President Biden look bad. He plays a clip of Mitt Romney spilling the beans about Trump’s plans to kill the bill for selfish reasons. Then, he interviews David Corn – who is the Washington, D.C. bureau chief for Mother Jones and is also a cable TV commentator. They talk about Trump during his New Hampshire victory speech -pointing out crooked donors Steve Wynn and John Paulson; Joe Manchin and The No Labels Party; and the continuing Putin/ Trump love affair tying into the Russian interference in the 2016 election. Next, he plays a clip of State Dept. Spokesperson Vedant Patel on a Gaza Cease-fire. He then takes calls from: Steve in Los Angeles on MTV Unplugged and the conspiracies surrounding Ivana Trump, Dave in Pennsylvania on Trump’s gibberish, Rhonda in California on sharing a birthday with John, and Sean in California on Trump being disqualified.