John lists off the fake Christians that really piss him off. This time Crowd-funding platform GiveSendGo makes his list. They are raising money to support the man who choked subway performer Jordan Neely to death. Also on the list: Russia is planning to build a village for Conservative Christian Americans who are tired of liberal ideology. And he discusses the situation at the border with the lifting of Title 42 and chastises people who call asylum seekers “illegals”. Theresa in Washington State calls to prove she is crazy AF and Mary Michael in Michigan calls to prove she is smart and sane. Then, Democratic strategist Max Burns returns to chat about the debacle of Trump’s CNN Town Hall. Next, Mark in Wisconsin calls in to ponder about Republican decisions. And finally John interviews Jina Krause-Vilmar. She is president and CEO of Upwardly Global and they speak about Title 42 and Immigration.