Today John delivers the news that the gunman in the mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine was found dead of a presumed self-inflicted gunshot wound. He talks about the GOP’s refusal to limit access to AR-15s. Then, he takes a calls from Richard in Iowa on jobs created during Democratic vs Republican presidencies, Norm in Tampa on the Maine gunman and the veteran suicide rate increase, Bill in Orlando on mass shootings and gun legislation, and Dave in Washington on the extremism of speaker Mike Johnson. Next, John talks about Rep. George Santos pleading not guilty in his fraud case and he plays a clip of Congressman Dean Phillips discussing his democratic primary bid. He takes calls from Mitch at Kent State on gun violence and Sean in California on fake Christians. Then wrapping it up, John interviews former New York City police officer Edwin Raymond on what’s wrong with policing in America and his new book “An Inconvenient Cop: My Fight to Change Policing in America”.