John today talks about his appearance on NewsNation’s Dan Abrams Live TV show. He was the only liberal voice on this panel and he gives an overview of the topics discussed and how they reacted to his point of view on Ron DeSantis, President Biden, The Supreme Court, AR -15s, and Donald Trump. He takes calls from Donna in Connecticut on Kamala Harris and Riley in North Carolina on racism. Then he interviews Renee Graham – the Associate Editor for The Boston Globe’s Op-Ed Page. They talk about the mother and daughter Georgia poll-workers; Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss; who were finally exonerated after being targeted by Donald Trump in his “Big Lie”. Next, John welcomes back Angelo Carusone, President and CEO of Media Matters. They discuss the new Instagram APP called “Threads”. Then, it’s Thea Harper’s Minority Report which talks about Climate Change and how it disproportionally affects minorities.