This time John plays yet another clip of Trump desperately attempting to rationalize what people were hearing in the newly released audio of him sharing classified military documents about Iran. Michael in the Bronx and Al in Philly call to weigh in on Trump. Then, he chats with Lee Papa AKA The Rude Pundit about him being on Jeopardy and the follies of Trump. Next, John welcomes back comedian/ anthropologist Natalia Reagan and they discuss climate change and the heat wave hitting the nation. Sela from Texas checks in on the power outage and heat in Texas. Then finally, John takes a call from Tim in Chicago on when MAGA will give up on Trump and Thea Harper joins the show with “The Minority Report”. She gives an update about the horrific shooting of Ralph Yarrell (who is black) through a door in Kansas City by Andrew Lester (who is white).