The monologue in today’s podcast focuses on Republicans voting to select a new speaker of the House. John also talks about the latest developments in the Israel – Hamas War. Then. he interviews the professor of history at the University of Alabama – Joshua Rothman. They discuss his new book “The Ledger and the Chain” which is the shocking story of 3 slave traders who built the largest and most powerful slave-trading operation in American history. Next, he plays a clip of President Biden’s announcement about the first phase of the new government Tech Hubs Program and he chats with attorney Marie in Atlanta on Rep. Austin Scott and Ken from West Virginia calls about the purposeful ignorance of right wing media. Then, wrapping it up, John welcomes back comedian Rhonda Hansome to talk about new plays on Broadway and current news. They take listener calls from Laura in L.A. on reparations, Sean in Cali on oppressed minorities, Brian in Oregon on solutions to end the war in Israel, and Charles in Miami on the power of the speakership.