[Explicit Content] Submit your questions to ‘Ask Us Anything’ on this week’s After Party. Rachel Maddow and Alex Wagner. Trump always makes things worse for Trump: Mazars Edition. After we recorded the show, the judge ruled that the Trumps have to sit for depositions. Mazars is free to cooperate now. Trump’s lawyer says he has special privileges. The latest on the Durham allegations. The 1/6 committee is looking at Ivanka now. Russia will try a false flag to precipitate a war. Trump’s Trump Social stole Twitter’s layout. Tweet of the Day. Derp of the Day. COVID patients have an increased risk of mental health issues. With Jody Hamilton and David Ferguson, and music by The War and Treaty and Logan Piercey. And more!

Trump makes things worse from Trump in the Letitia James investigation. The latest from Durham. COVID and mental health, and more.