[Explicit Content] Jody’s pre-cancer treatment on her face. Mary Trump will join us next week. An apparent Kremlin leak indicates kompromat on Trump, and Putin’s plot to get Trump elected. The Leonnig/Rucker book describes how General Milley and the Joint Chiefs reacted to Trump’s attempted coup. Liz Cheney vs Jim Jordan during the Insurrection. Secession is a quitter’s gambit. The latest on Britney Spears. Democrats reach an agreement on their $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. Trump plagiarized his blurb for Jesse Watters. With Jody Hamiltonand David TRex Ferguson. And music by Marina Rocks and Paul Melancon. And much more!


Bob, Jody, and TRex discuss The Guardian’s revelations on Russia, Gen. Milley’s plan to stop Trump’s coup, and more!