John’s monologue this time: A mixed bag of good news. First he talks about Nancy Pelosi announcing she is running for re-election in 2024. And he discusses all the news from Georgia – Mark Meadows’ motion to move his Georgia election case to a federal one was denied, the scathing letter from D.A. Fani Willis to Rep. Jim Jordan who is trying to obstruct her investigation, and the release of the unredacted Georgia special grand jury report which shows they had recommended indicting Lyndsey Graham, Mike Flynn, and 19 others. He takes a call from Bill in Virginia on the economy and inflation. Then he interviews the executive director of BlackPAC and the affiliated nonpartisan Black Progressive Action Coalition – Adrianne Shropshire, (@VoteBlackPAC) and she speaks about gerrymandering and racism in Alabama. Next, John talks with attorney Marie in Atlanta about Fani WIllis’ letter and the Georgia grand jury report. And he talks with Elial in California about John’s Dr. Seuss Rhyme for Trump’s Crimes. Then he welcomes Natalia Reagan back from the flooded Burning Man. They chat with Mitch from Kent State and talk about Natalia’s upcoming trip to Madagascar.