[Explicit Language] Steven Breyer retiring from the Supreme Court. The frontrunners, the future of the Court, motivating Democratic turnout, Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas. Huge news on the economy, and how reporters won’t give Biden any credit. Congresswoman’s car hit by bullets in St. Louis. CBN reporter silenced by Jen Psaki. Active COVID patient Sarah Palin went to a NYC restaurant again. Kyrsten Sinema in big trouble for 2024. Shock jock witnessed Greenberg and Matt Gaetz discussing sex with an underage girl. Dan Bongino permanently banned from YouTube. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson and music by Good Fake and Elijah Bone, and more!

Steven Breyer steps down. Sarah Palin contaminates a NYC restaurant with COVID. Jen Psaki wins, and more!