John plays a clip of Trump saying his trial is a witch hunt and a clip of Rep. Dan Goldman explaining why the Republicans in congress want a closed hearing for Hunter Biden. He talks with Rich in Indiana on Henry Kissinger, Tim in Chicago on the groveling of journalists, Brian in Oregon on crappy SCOTUS rulings, and Beachside Bill in Florida on the latest Space X launch. Then Thea Harper returns with the Minority Report. She talks about the importance of black Santa Claus. He also speaks with Stephen in Kentucky on Ellen Burstyn. Next he talks with Katherine in Florida on Mar-a-Lago being a residence or a commercial property, Lisa in New Mexico on Donald Trump’s end game, and David in Nevada on the Israel – Hamas War. And finally, Steven in New Mexico and Al in Los Angeles call in to discuss the history of the conflict in Israel, and Dave from Mt. Vernon calls on reparations for indigenous people.