Todays monologue is dedicated to saluting the dumbest people in power. Contestants vying for the award this time: George Santos, James Comer, John Kennedy, Elon Musk, and Bernie Marcus. Then, he chats with actor, director, and podcast host Bob Cesca on the death of Roslyn Carter, the 2024 GOP presidential hopefuls, and Liz Chaney’s new book which details new Trump revelations. Next, he interviews Wajahat Ali who is a Daily Beast columnist, public speaker, and Sr. Fellow at the Western States Center. They talk about the death of Henry Kissinger, the rise of Arab and Muslim hate crimes, and the Israel – Hamas War. Then rounding it out, John plays a clip of Senator Bernie Sanders on Henry Kissinger and he welcomes back legal analyst Dr. Tracy Pearson. They discuss Trump’s gag orders and threatening posts about court staff and their families in his New York fraud trial.