In this episode – John discusses the arrest of Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira who is accused of leaking classified national defense documents on the Ukraine/ Russia war to his friends on a gaming site called “Discord”. He then brings in Prof. Corey Brettschneider to mull over and make sense of the many crimes of Donald Trump as well as other current legal news. Next he chats with the senior lecturer in the African American Studies Department at the University of Maryland College Park – Dr. Jason Nichols about the new proposed “Ebony Alert”. This is a bill that might help missing Black children and women get a similar amount of attention as white people who disappear. Then lastly – It’s Miss Thea Harper and “The Minority Report”. This time she discusses Shanquella Robinson, a Black woman, who was found dead in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, where she and her acquaintances traveled for vacation. A viral video that emerged shortly after Robinson’s death depicts another woman severely beating her in a hotel, while two spectators in the room recorded the incident. U.S authorities have declined to press charges.