John talks about the GOP’s conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift’s romance with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is a set up and claim the singer is a ‘Pentagon asset’ conspiring to ‘manipulate’ voters for Biden and ‘rigging’ the Super Bowl so that the Chiefs win. Also the MAGA outrage over E. Jean Carroll and Rachel Maddow joking over how she will spend Trump’s money. Then, he interviews political commentator and democratic strategist Ameshia Cross. They discuss DEI and why attacking it is a favorite new hobby for right-wing influencers. Next, he speaks with attorney Marie in Atlanta on Trump finally getting punished and shutting up about E. Jean Carroll. Then lastly, he speaks with Lara in Connecticut on the misogyny over E. Jean Carroll and David in Nevada calls in on the rampant racism within the GOP. And he welcomes back “The Rude Pundit” AKA Lee Papa. They talk about Trump finally getting punished by having to pay $83 Million in the E. Jean Carroll trial; the fake Taylor Swift scandal; and the GOP border deal that Trump cancelled.