This time John tells the history of what really happened in 1835 when the government forced the Cherokee Peoples to sign the Treaty of New Echota. A quarter of the native Americans perished as they were removed from their homelands in Georgia and Tennessee – marching in the winter to Oklahoma. The treaty promises representation in congress but that has never happened. Next John interviews Democratic Party strategist and television personality Julie Roginsky who (along with Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly) sued Roger Ailes and Fox news alleging sexual harassment. (She was portrayed by Ahna O’Reilly in the movie Bombshell) Her new podcast called RETALIATION echoes her own fight against the cruelty of NDAs and champions women who have spoken truth to power. Then John plays a clip from Elizabeth Warren and chats with Nancy in Cincinnati about it; Cela from Texas calls to thank him for talking about the Cherokee Nation; and Bruce in California calls to discuss fascism rising in MAGA circles. Then finally he talks to Seth in L.A. about the GOPs plan to impeach Biden.