Still broadcasting from Los Angeles – today John talks about Trump getting fined 5K for violating his gag order in New York and the House dropping Jim Jordan as their nominee after yet another vote for speakership has failed. Then, he welcomes his Hollywood Panel for a roundhouse discussion about Trump and the GOP: stand-up comedian and host of “Minority Reportz” – Mona Shaikh; executive producer of the Stephanie Miller Show and co-host of the “From the Bunker” podcast – Jody Hamilton; and well-known for her pioneering legal work invalidating Trump’s illegal NDA in court and host of the “Lights On” podcast on the MeidasTouch YouTube channel – Jessica Denson. They take calls from Sean in California and Stephen in Kentucky. Next, the panel discusses the Israel – Hamas War and the international response. Then, winding it up, John plays another round of “The Unpopular Opinion Game” with the panel.