The second in a two-part show. John talks about the new hostage cease-fire deal happening in Israel. He plays a clip of Joe Biden making the announcement about the deal brokered by Qatar. He takes a call from Lyn in Virginia on new ways to get people to register to vote and from Charles in Miami on GOP fascist policies and tax reform. Then, Mitch at Kent State calls to talk turkey about the 60th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Also Bruce in California calls to chat about Patsy Cline and Voltaire’s birthday. He plays a clip from the past of Jimmy Carter talking about Hamas and Netanyahu and also a clip of State Department Spokesperson Matt Miller on the hostage deal. Next, he welcomes back “Comedy Daddy” Keith Price and they talk about Thanksgiving and Trump. They take calls from Rachel in Los Angeles on Hollywood scandals, Stephen in Kentucky on first ladies, and Norm in Tampa on the Kennedy assassination. Then finally, John compares Trump to Rocky Balboa and they both say what they are thankful for this year.