The first of a 2 part podcast. John gives up some Thanksgiving factoids and tells us what he is Thankful for this year. He starts a discussion about how to get along with Uncle Racist and Aunt Dead Inside. Sean in California calls to talk turkey about being thankful. Then. he speaks with journalist Bob Hennelly about gun legislation, immigration, homelessness, mental illness, and The Israel – Hamas War. Then, Jessica in Oregon talks about Melissa Barrera of Scream VII being fired due to her support of the Palestinians. Next, Chris and John talk about Eminem and Dido’s song “Stan”. And they take calls from Lisa in New Mexico, Marie in Atlanta, and Bill in New Jersey on how to not fight with relatives over the holiday. And closing it up – they chat with Harry in Texas who calls with his kid Neo who is trans; Tim in Massachusetts on Eminem and music trivia, plus, Beachside Bill in Orlando on what it means to be giving.