John discusses Pope Francis calling for a universal ban on surrogate motherhood. He also talks about the Republican debate between Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis. He plays a clip of Governor Chris Sununu and former Governor Chris Christie on the candidates. He also plays a clip of Donald Trump’s big whiney speech outside in the halls of his New York courtroom after the judge cut him off and told him to stop speaking. And he mentions the looming government shutdown jeopardizing the fate of Speaker Mike Johnson. Then, he interviews Ethan Strimling, former Mayor of Portland ME, on Trump’s 14th Amendment Battle. Next, Andy in Delaware calls about Biden being more aggressive and advertising more to combat Trump’s ubiquitous commercials. Then finally, John talks with attorney Marie in Atlanta about Hunter Biden showing up for his contempt of Congress hearing. Also Jessica from Oregon calls in to talk about the new Native American representations in Marvel comics and the What If..? TV series and Mike in Michigan calls in to talk about Japan legalizing marijuana and the musicians who were busted for it there.