[Explicit Content] Last free show before the Thanksgiving break. Yesterday’s interview with Dr. Redlener. Waiting for the Rittenhouse verdict. Crazy judge bans MSNBC from the courthouse. Another Republican whizzed on the electric fence. Chuck Todd stepped in a huge pile of crap. Massive upward revision in the Summer jobs numbers. Sen. John N. Kennedy is a faker and a prick. The Comptroller of Currency. House votes to censure Paul Gosar. Mask mandates return — or not. COVID numbers are rising again, as predicted. Dopesick and the opioid crisis. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson, and music by Feed Your Wolves and Matt Jaffe. And more!


Bob, Jody, and TRex discuss the Rittenhouse trial, Republicans derping on the border, Dopesick, and more!