Legs was in his bunker and Jody was in THE Bunker. Lonny may have been exposed to Covid, so didn’t want to expose Legs to it, just in case. Lonny’s first test is Wednesday, so hoping that is negative. The 2nd one is next Monday, so if that is negative, then David will be in the Bunker next week. If not, he’s not allowed in here either and Jody will have to get tested. Will keep you all posted.

So, CPAC, not Z-Pack, happened over the weekend and the former guy put bulls eyes on Justice Roberts and the members of the House and Senate that voted to impeach and convict from the GOP.

Chris Wray is testifying about January 6th and Josh Hawley is concerned about cellphone data that the FBI is getting…wonder why.

Texas is ending its mask mandate and all businesses can reopen…what could go wrong?

And much more!

Hope you enjoy this week’s installment.

Talk at you next week!