John delivers the good news that Rep. George Santos has been expelled from congress after a House Ethic Committee found evidence of federal crimes. He also looks back on the life of former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner. Then, he speaks with the National Affairs correspondent for the Nation, John Nichols, about the expulsion of George Santos, the life of Henry Kissinger, and his new piece in the Nation called “American Discourse Needs More Mehdi Hasan, Not Less”. Next, he plays clips of the Ron DeSantis – Gavin Newsome debate on Fox TV. And he takes calls from Steven in Virginia on George Santos, and Brian in Oregon on DeSantis vs Newsome. Then finally, Beachside Bill from Orlando calls to chat about the music rights argument between Hall and Oats, Donald in Ohio calls to praise the show, and Lance in New Orleans phones in on the failure of Ron DeSantis.