[Explicit Content] Our last Thursday show before the midterms. What to expect Tuesday night. How we’re all feeling about the possible outcome. How some voters aren’t taking the stakes seriously enough. The latest on Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, and why the verification process is important. Everyone hates Elon. Plans to fire 3,700 employees. Wisconsin Republican governor candidate says the quiet part out loud — they’re taking aim at democracy itself. Kash Patel has flipped in the Mar-a-lago espionage investigation. Greg Gutfeld is the perfect illustration of our cultural and political rot. With Jody Hamilton, David “TRex” Ferguson, music by The War And Treaty, John Flywheel, and more!

Our last Thursday show before the midterms. Everyone hates Elon Musk. Kash Patel has flipped. And more!