John discusses the looming government shutdown in today’s podcast. He also talks about how the right is cutting taxes for the wealthy and increasing the national debt by doing so. Hunter Biden and Donald Trump are also both in court for tax offenses. He plays a clip of Speaker Mike Johnson saying they will repeal thousands of IRS agents and a clip of CA Rep. Katie Porter explaining that the IRS is the primary source to fund the government. Then, he talks about the U.S. strikes on Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen after they launched missiles attacking merchant ships in the Red Sea. He plays clips of President Biden and National Security spokesperson John Kirby on the attacks. He then welcomes back the executive director of BlackPAC and the affiliated nonpartisan Black Progressive Action Coalition – Adrianne Shropshire and they discuss how to get people motivated to vote. Next, John takes calls from Phillip in New York on the IRS; Mike in California on immigration; and Bill in New Jersey on kneeling in church. Then finally he chats with TV’s Frank Conniff on the presidential candidates and the best movies of the year. They take calls from Michael in the Bronx, Mitch at Kent State, Ralph in Connecticut, and Rachel in Los Angeles.