[Explicit Language] Teens prank a Virginia school board meeting. Buzz was first with the “neigh” jokes. The COVID infection rate nears January levels. Ohio judge forces doctor to administer horse de-wormer to a patient. Hoax alert with Milo Yiannopoulos. Louie Gohmert pushing Ivermectin. More anti-mask, anti-vax Red Hats die of COVID. Supreme Court ends Biden’s eviction moratorium. Hurricane Ida. The War in Afghanistan is over, but the concern trolling and condemnations of Biden continue. A fact check on the disinformation about equipment left behind. With Buzz Burbank, Summer Music by Our New Autumn and Trysette with 3Mind Blight, and more!

Bob and Buzz discuss the end of the Afghanistan War, the de-wormer nonsense, the worsening COVID situation, and more.