John is back from holiday break. Today he talks about Nikki Haley’s refusal to cite slavery as the cause of the Civil War during a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. Then, he plays a clip of Karine Jean-Pierre blasting republicans for bussing migrants across the country for a political stunt. He takes a call from Mike in Michigan on Nikki Haley’s gaff. Also Jessica in Oregon calls on new movies and Marie in Atlanta calls on Elise Stefanik and the resignation of Harvard President Claudine Gay. Next, John welcomes back Comedy Daddy AKA Keith Price. They talk about the death of Bobby Rivers and other news. They talk with Stephen in Kentucky on Trump and Bill Barr. They also listen to a clip of Eric Swalwell on the democrats record of not sticking up for themselves. And finally, they talk with Rachel in L.A. on her breast cancer news and Bill in New Jersey on racism in American history.