Max Burns fills in for John again during his long vacation. He talks about the sentencing of Proud Boys members Joseph Biggs and Zachary Rehl who were convicted alongside former Proud Boys national chairman Enrique Tarrio and other fellow members of the organization for seditious conspiracy and other crimes committed during the storming of the capitol on January 6th 2021. Max takes a call from Mitch at Kent State on Ohio gerrymandering. He also plays a clip of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp dismissing GOP calls to impeach Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Then, he interviews David Rothkopf who is CEO of The Rothkopf Group. He is also the author of many books including “Traitor: A History of Betraying America from Benedict Arnold to Donald Trump”. They talk about Trump, the GOP, and his new book “American Resistance: The Inside Story of How the Deep State Saved the Nation”. Then, he chats with Dave in Washington about Trump and his assets. Finally, he talks with Bill in Orlando on Ron DeSantis, Stephen in Kentucky on politics and history, and Sean in California on Dark Brandon branding.