[Explicit Language] Andrew Cuomo resigns after charges of sexual harassment. A brief correction from last week. Louis DeJoy just gifted his former company with a multi-million-dollar USPS contract. DeJoy is trying to screw up another election. The alleged Democrat who’s keeping DeJoy at USPS. Greg Abbott calls for healthcare workers from other states to help with COVID. Florida schools to defy DeSantis order against mask mandates. Anti-vax deejay dies of COVID. Dr. Fauci looks beleaguered. The IPCC report and why we’re screwed. The Greek ferry footage. Freedom and collective sacrifice. With Buzz Burbank. And Songs of the Summer by Somber Mercyand Gypsy Moths. And more!

Bob and Buzz discuss the IPCC climate report, Red Hats with COVID, Louis DeJoy’s continued f*ckery, and more!