John’s monologue today discusses Donald Trump’s latest failures in court and how he’s been grifting from his base for campaign finances but uses the money to pay his legal bills. He takes a call from Marsha in San Diego on religion and politics. Then he chats with Rev. Barry Lynn and they talk about the movie Oppenheimer and the 2024 GOP hopefuls. He speaks with attorney Marie in Atlanta about Trump lawyers. Next, John hosts a comedy panel featuring Rhonda Hansome, Frank Vignola and Karen Schwarz. They discuss Elon Musk and Twitter/ X, the Trump campaign, and other Republicans running for president. Debbie in Arizona calls in, and also Sean in California. Then lastly the panel talks about the movies Barbie and Oppenheimer, zoom as a medium, and the death of actor/ comedian Paul Reubens. Mitch at Kent State calls in to rave about Rhonda’s play.