Plenty of laughs for John as he finishes up his stint in L.A. He welcome 2 comedy panels to joke about the news. First – he talks with actor, host, and comedian Natalia Reagan and film director, producer, and comedian Graham Elwood. They discuss the House with no speakership and the Israel – Hamas War. And they take calls from Marsha in San Diego on the protests for Israel; Drew in California on the bombing of the hospital in Gaza; and Dave in Washington on the hypocrisy of the GOP. Then, Natalia Reagan gives up another rendition of Sh!T You Can’t Say and the group takes calls from Mike in Atlanta on Austin Scott and Tim in Massachusetts on the U2 concert in Vegas. Next, John brings in another comedy panel: legal analyst/ consultant Dr. Tracy Pearson and actor/ comedian Richard Chassler. They chat about the Israel War and the war in the House plus take calls from Mike in Michigan on Patrick McHenry and Chris in Virginia on Biden’s bravery by going to Israel. Then finally, he interviews California Congresswoman Sara Jacobs and they speak about her family in Israel; Trump’s response to the war; and voting for speaker in the House.