Today’s discussion delves into the controversy over Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization and the failure of his staff to properly notify the White House he was out sick. Then, he talks with Professor Corey Brettschneider about the 14th Amendment, the actual oath the president takes and if it applies to the 14th Amendment, and the GOP’s impeachment inquiry into President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas. Next, John speaks with Sean in California about Republicans who cowered during the January 6th attack – now calling the rioters “hostages”. He plays a clip of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer talking about the agreement with Speaker Mike Johnson to fund the government. And wrapping it up he talks with comedian Rhonda Hansome on a new report that found that forty-five percent of companies plan to eliminate bachelor’s degree requirements for some roles starting next year. They take calls from Wayne in Michigan on comparisons between Trump and Elon Musk, Joseph in Manhattan Beach on Women United to Save American Democracy, and Mitch at Kent State on how to deal with MAGA relatives and friends.