[Explicit Content] Late start for the show today — we apologize for the inconvenience. There’s a guy threatening to blow up three city blocks in DC today. The suspect is a white Trump supporter who thinks Trump will pardon him. Ron and Jim Watkins and Donald Trump made this. The latest on the Afghanistan withdrawal. Nikki Haley is a soulless automaton. Great news about jobs. Trump’s Save America PAC grift continues. Greg Abbott tests positive for COVID. South Carolina Republican dies of COVID after criticizing masks. Trumpism in Arizona. Planet Fitness’s mask policy. Ted Cruz bulk-purchases his own book. With Jody Hamilton and David TRex Ferguson. And music by Prehab and Freekbass. And more!

Bob, Jody, and TRex discuss the bombing suspect in DC, the latest from Afghanistan, Nikki Haley, and more!