It was a pretty good day for President Biden. John lists off the not bad /pretty good things that happened over the course of the day including a Supreme Court ruling that Idaho women can have abortions during health emergencies and another ruling that sides with the Biden administration allowing the White House to ask social media companies to remove false information from their platforms. Biden also pardoned veterans that were found guilty under the military’s former ban on gay sex, making them eligible to apply for previously withheld benefits. Then, he chats with listeners about the big Trump/Biden debate. Next, John has a group discussion about religion with “The God Squad” – author and former pastor Keith Giles; author, poet, spoken word artist, and former pastor Desimber Rose Wattleton; and writer, theologian, and permaculture enthusiast Dillon Cruz. And wrapping it up, Dr. Tracy Pearson returns to take listener calls on the 10 Commandments in Louisiana schools and to predict how Trump will act during the debate.