[Explicit Language] Shawn is a fitness expert, bodybuilder, bike rider, and the author of the book, Strength For Life. You might remember reading about his brother Bill Phillips a couple weeks ago. Bill is also a bodybuilder who wrote the best selling fitness book of all time, Body For Life – and this year, Bill suffered from a severe case of long haul COVID, which landed him in a medically induced coma. So today, we’ll talk with Shawn about his brother’s battle with COVID, as well as Shawn’s experiences with testing positive himself. And of course we’ll talk about fitness, hormone replacement, bike riding, sustainability with your exercise routine, and so much more. Click here to follow Shawn on Twitter. Meantime, if you can, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at

Bob talks with fitness expert Shawn Phillips about his brother Bill’s long haul COVID battle, and more!