John pays tribute to the announcement that Senator Dianne Feinstein is not seeking reelection. Then he marks a milestone for democrats with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announcing 100 judicial nominations for the Biden administration. He chats with Norm in Florida on Ron DeSantis and the Black history of Florida and Charles in Miami on gun regulation and school shootings. Next Tim in New York calls in to talk about the Ohio train derailment. Also Raymond in L.A. calls to discuss toxic sites in the US. Then listener Kendall in Nebraska calls to chat about MTG’s National divorce. Keith Price AKA Comedy Daddy returns once again to talk to listeners and discuss current news. Bruce in California calls to talk about the constitution and Sela in Texas calls to talk about the disabled Denver City Counselman who was forced to debate on the floor due to no wheelchair ramps. Finally – Dave in Pennsylvania speaks on Black History month and racism.