The monologue this time is a flashback. First, John runs down the current headlines – then talks about the tragedies of early December: Pearl Harbor and the death of John Lennon. He takes a call from Mitch at Kent State on Trump’s statement he will be a dictator on day one. Then, he chats with political analyst Max Burns on the 4th Republican primary debate, the projections for the 2024 election, and the future of Trump and MAGA. Next, John speaks with Kathleen in Kansas on the philosophy of democracy, Marsha in Cape Cod on Trump and John Lennon, and Joanne in Maryland on volunteering to help get out the vote. Finally, he talks with T.V.’s Frank Conniff. They joke about new movies, Trump, and his new special airing Tuesday December 12th at 8pm EST, Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu riff the halls with a livestream special riff of “The Creeping Terror”, one of the all time classic MST 3k stinkers.