John continues broadcasting from Los Angeles. His monologue recounts the beginnings of Donald Trump as a cheeseball celebrity and he counts off the revoltingly fake Christians of the week. First place is the Louisiana school district where a new law mandates “In God We Trust” be displayed in every classroom of public schools across the state. Next, John welcomes back his comedy panel: Dr. Tracy Pearson, Liam McEneaney, and Ron Placone. They take calls from Bill in New Jersey, Stephen in Kentucky, Dylan in New Mexico, and Dennis in San Diego. Then, John plays a clip of John Eastman’s Lawyer on his defense. They take calls from Bruce in California, Rich in Dallas, and Mark in Wisconsin. He also plays a clip of Vivek Ramaswamy on conspiracy theories. Bob in California calls in to compare Charles Manson and Trump. Then finally, he interviews Greta Kemp Martin who is the Democratic candidate running for Mississippi Attorney General and running to unseat the attorney who overturned Roe v. Wade. They discuss the gutting of Roe V Wade, fighting for worker rights, and how to fund education in her state.